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Training and On-Going Support

Once Upon A Child® is part of Winmark Corporation, a unique franchise system that has been supporting resale-retail franchise opportunities since 1988.  If you have never worked in retail, or did so years ago, and don’t think this is the right opportunity for you – think again!  Most of our franchisees did not have retail experience before owning their own franchise.  But what they do all share is the passion and excitement they have for the brand and for their customers! That passion is infused from Day 1 with our team during the training process.

With over 75 hours of classroom and in-store training on topics such as business planning, marketing, merchandising, store operations and customer service, you’ll get the experience you need to successfully open your franchise!

Key topics during your first week include:

planOnce Business Planning.
The banking world is different today than it was a few years ago. Banks are more averse to risk than before and want to lend based on their history with a brand and its performance. Winmark Corporation’s brands deliver with both a solid history of lending and superior performance.  One full day of training is dedicated to building a detailed three year plan and proforma you will take to the bank. While Winmark does not provide direct financing, lenders are very familiar with our brands since some have been doing business with us for over two decades. In addition, all of our brands are listed on the Franchise Registry which helps streamline the loan process.
siteOnce Retail Site Selection.
We have five retail brands and 1,184 stores, so we understand commercial real estate and the needs of our franchisees from demographics to required lease terms.  Our franchisees have completed transactions across the US and Canada and we’re here to provide you with help from site selection to lease signing.
shirtOnce Style and Trend Training.
Concerned you may not be in tune with the many categories in juvenile apparel and accessories? Don’t be. Our training staff will educate you on the latest apparel trends from infants to tweens as well as toys and equipment. You’ll learn how to buy used items and what new inventory is appropriate for your store.

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Ongoing Support

groupOnce Field Operations.
Concerned about on-going support in the field from qualified personnel?  Don’t worry.  Winmark’s Field Operations Managers are retail experts with years of experience from some of the top retailers like Target®, JC Penney®, Old Navy®, GAP®, Best Buy® and more. They’re your front line partner and liaison to the rest of the home office team.
chartOnce Marketing and Advertising.
Once Upon A Child has their own Marketing Manager dedicated to delivering professionally produced television and radio commercials, digital marketing assets, direct mail materials, local store marketing programs and so much more. As a Winmark franchisee you will also have access to a media buyer experienced in working with the Once Upon A Child brand. They’ll work with you to lay out your local media plan ensuring your marketing dollars are spent in the right places to reach your target demographic and  generate the best return on your investment.

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Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child

Sales: Once Upon A Child

Sales: Once Upon A Child

**Amounts stated are as reported in Item 19 of the 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Once Upon A Child® Franchise Disclosure Documents, respectively (based on the previous year’s Gross Sales). In 2010, of the 219 stores that reported, 98 or 45% of the reporting stores attained or exceeded the Average Gross Sales. In 2012, of the 243 stores that reported, 110 or 45% of the reporting stores attained or exceeded the Average Gross Sales. In 2014, of the 273 stores that reported, 124 stores or 45% of the reporting stores attained or exceeded the Average Gross Sales. In 2015, of the 293 stores that reported, 134 stores or 46% of the reporting stores attained or exceeded the Average Gross Sales. A new franchisee’s results will likely differ from these results.