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1300 Stores and Counting: Celebrating the Benefits of Franchising with Winmark

Winmark - the Resale Company®, has been fulfilling the dreams of entrepreneurs and meeting community needs throughout the United States for over 35 years. We are thrilled to announce that we have reached a remarkable achievement, we are celebrating the opening of our 1300th store! As we commemorate this milestone, we want to highlight some reasons why our franchisees choose our brands and how our example in franchising and resale has led us on this growth path.

1. A Proven Business Model:

With 1300 stores and counting, Winmark has undoubtedly become a leading force in the franchise industry. Our franchise model has empowered entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of owning and operating their own businesses.

We have earned a reputation as a leader in the resale industry for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, fostering strong customer loyalty. Our franchisees gain access to our trusted Winmark name and a time-tested blueprint that minimizes risks and maximizes growth potential.

2. Sustainable Business Practices:

Today, sustainability is a crucial aspect of responsible business practices. Research and surveys show that more consumers than ever before are looking for eco-friendly options and sometimes, even preferring them. Winmark has long been at the forefront of promoting a more sustainable approach to retail. Through our resale stores, we contribute to the circular economy, reduce waste, and provide consumers with environmental-friendly shopping options. At Winmark, over 1.5 billion items have been recycled since 2010, which translates to 169 million items recycled per year, 457,000 items recycled per day, and 5 items recycled per second.

Potential franchisees have the opportunity to align themselves with this evolving consumer trend, attracting more customers while making a positive impact on their communities. Our current franchise partners find it rewarding to know their businesses operate in an environmentally-conscious manner.

3. Extensive Support and Collaboration:

At Winmark, we understand that franchisee success is integral to our success. From initial training to ongoing assistance with marketing, operations, and inventory management, we are committed to empowering franchisees every step of the way. With Winmark, franchisees are never alone in their business journey.

Our collaborative approach also fosters a sense of community, allowing franchisees to learn from one another and share insights to drive continued growth and innovation. With each new store, our network grows stronger.

4. Diverse Brand Portfolio:

Winmark also allows our franchise partners to tap into our diverse brand portfolio. We are proud to be home to five successful franchise brands: Plato's Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Style Encore®, Play It Again Sports®, and Music Go Round®. Each brand caters to specific target audiences and offers unique resale experiences, ensuring that franchisees can find the perfect fit for their entrepreneurial goals and the needs of their local market.

Each brand has achieved remarkable milestones and exciting developments of their own this year too, expanding their footprints into thriving markets and gaining national recognition.

How Winmark Maximizes Opportunities

The opening of our 1300th store is a testament to the resilience and effectiveness of the Winmark model and the continued success of our franchisees. We are proud of the achievements of our franchisees and the collective growth of our brands. As we look toward the future, we are excited to continue expanding our franchise network, positively impacting even more communities and the environment, and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our collective success.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Winmark franchisee and joining our network of successful entrepreneurs.