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From the Corporate World to Music Go Round: This Franchisee's Love for Business

For over 35 years, Winmark - The Resale Company® has played a pivotal role in helping entrepreneurs achieve their business aspirations while meeting vital community needs across North America. Alain Villafranca, a dedicated Music Go Round franchisee, exemplifies this success and the power of combining personal passions with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Transitioning from Corporate America

Before his franchising journey with Winmark, Alain was deeply embedded in corporate America, where he honed his business management and economics skills. Despite a successful career, Alain yearned for the independence and opportunities that resonated more closely with his passions. From a very early age, Alain had studied and practiced music and wanted to pursue a path that included these interests.

Through his research, Alain discovered Winmark and our five renowned resale brands– Plato's Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Style Encore®, Music Go Round®, and Play It Again Sports®. "I was at a point where I wanted to merge my professional skills with my personal interests, and franchising with Music Go Round offered the perfect opportunity to do just that," he states.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The resale market for musical instruments, with its unique blend of product and unpredictability, particularly attracted Alain. He saw the potential for a business model that was financially viable and thrilling. "The resale aspect brings a level of serendipity—you never know what gems you might find in a store," Alain states. "This unpredictability and the joy it brings to customers drew me in." His appreciation for the unexpected finds in the resale market guided his decision to dive into the entrepreneurial opportunity with Music Go Round.

Decision to Franchise with Winmark

Choosing to franchise with Winmark was a strategic decision that was influenced by our robust support system for franchisees and community-centric approach. Alain feels that Winmark prioritizes genuine care for our franchisees and their success.

"The accessibility and responsiveness of the Winmark leadership team felt very natural and made me feel supported from the very beginning," he states. "It's rare to find a franchise network like that where you can easily connect with people."

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Growth

The early days of Alain's Music Go Round franchise were challenging, as expected with any entrepreneurial venture. Establishing a new business requires balancing numerous elements, but Alain recalls the support he had. "There are always moments of uncertainty in business, but a strong entrepreneurial passion to keep going and continuous guidance from franchisors like Winmark helps you get through those times and get to the fun part."

Eleven years later, Alain's Music Go Round has become a community landmark, celebrated for contributing to the local music scene and making instruments more accessible to his community members. The store recently celebrated a record year in sales, a testament to Alain's strategic focus and product quality. "Last year was a moment of great pride for us," he states. "It reflected the hard work of our team and the loyalty of our customers who appreciate the quality and value our store provides."

Community Impact and Personal Fulfillment

Beyond financial success, the most rewarding aspect of Alain's venture has been seeing his store's impact on the local community. His Music Go Round has become a gathering place for musicians and music lovers, fostering a vibrant cultural exchange. "When I first heard about Music Go Round, I immediately thought about the potential community impact and how I could help people experience what I experienced as a kid," Alain states. "It's a delight to see somebody light up when they discuss what they like about music. I start to remember how that felt for me and how important it was."

For budding entrepreneurs and potential franchisees, Alain encourages considering the financial aspects and the broader, rewarding impact of business decisions. "Franchising with Winmark offers an opportunity to not only grow financially but also to enrich your life and the lives of those around you."

When you partner with Winmark, you embark on a journey that helps you create a lasting business and make an impact in your community. Contact us today to learn how you can open one of our stores in your area.