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Happy Holidays from Winmark: How Our Franchise Brands Give Back to Others

While the holiday season can be about exchanging gifts and decorating homes, it’s also about uniting and giving back to others. At Winmark - The Resale Company®, we celebrate this time by reflecting on the past year and how our brands give back to their communities. As a retail franchise that provides value and protects the environment, we take pride in providing top-notch products and being an integral part of our communities.

Community Engagement

At Winmark, community engagement lies at the heart of our mission. Our franchisees serve as more than just business owners; they are integral to their communities. By providing affordable, high-quality shopping options, many of our franchisees become reliable sources of clothing, kid's items, sports equipment, and music products that their community depends on, which makes a significant difference in people's lives.

Our franchisees engage in various initiatives throughout the year, from sponsoring local events to collaborating with charitable organizations. Jessica Peck, a franchisee in Chico, California, reflects on the profound impact her stores are making and the rewarding business opportunity of franchising with Winmark: "I get to hear these stories of people saying our store saved their lives by being able to afford these items, and I get to see people get items that normally they wouldn't be able to afford."

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is an integral part of our business model, and it's another example of how we give back. Our franchises offer customers a more viable option to keep their clothes, sporting goods, and music equipment out of landfills and extend their product lifespan. This model ensures that goods remain within local areas without creating a demand for wasteful textile production, safeguarding communities and helping consumers reduce their environmental impact. Since 2010, we are proud to have recycled over 1.6 billion items this way.

Through our beloved resale brands—Plato's Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Style Encore®, Music Go Round®, and Play It Again Sports®—we encourage consumers to embrace a more sustainable approach to shopping.

Our mission is working. Every day, more consumers favor eco-friendly shopping options and brands that support sustainability, providing our franchisees with a loyal and ever-growing customer base. Our commitment to promoting sustainability through the resale model profoundly resonates with many of our franchisees. "It feels great to know you are not harming the environment," states Matt Orvick, a multi-unit franchisee in Iowa.

Our Brands Make a Difference

Each of our brands serves a unique purpose within communities, catering to diverse needs and demographics. For instance, Style Encore and Plato's Closet offer affordable and fashionable clothes for women and young adults. Once Upon A Child provides solutions for families with growing children. Music Go Round caters to musicians of all levels, promoting a vibrant musical culture within communities. Play It Again Sports is ideal for families with kids participating in team sports and adults who engage in individual sports and fitness activities.

Supporting Our Franchisees

At Winmark, we stand by our franchisees every step of their business journey and take great care to ensure they have all the necessary support to achieve their dreams. When you choose to franchise with us, you can be confident that you will receive all the tools and resources you need to build long-term success. We offer guidance on business planning, assistance with site selection, industry-specific training, help with store design and layout, and much more to ensure that our franchisees are on the right path for their business.

Are you dreaming of owning a business that can make a difference in your community and help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals? Contact us today to explore opening one of our franchises in your area.