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Winmark's Impact: Franchising for a Sustainable Future this Earth Day

At Winmark—the Resale Company®, we celebrate the upcoming Earth Day through our unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable shopping practices that protect the environment. Our franchisees know that every day is Earth Day for Winmark brands.

Our mission includes creating sustainable alternatives to fast fashion while extending the life of quality goods and our commitment to sustainability lies at the heart of our five brands and franchise model.

Sparing Landfills

In the United States alone, people generate more than 34 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste annually. As textiles break down, they begin to emit greenhouse gasses which decrease air quality in the surrounding area.

Since 1988, Winmark has advocated for consumers to extend the lifespan of their clothing, toys, sports equipment, and musical instruments to keep them out of landfills. Since 2010, our brands have facilitated the recycling of over 1.7 billion items across the United States and Canada. On average, 6 additional items are recycled every second thanks to the work of our 2,800 open locations across North America. With every additional use that an item gets, potentially one less object is cast into a landfill. This impact presents a rewarding franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs to not only protect the planet but also become a meaningful sustainability force that makes a difference in their communities.

Using Less Natural Resources

By offering a convenient, local place to purchase high-quality, gently-used clothing, accessories, athletic goods, musical instruments, and toys, at valuen driven prices, Winmark stores promote recycling practices. Manufacturing new textiles uses precious natural resources like fresh water. According to National Geographic, it takes 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton shirt, which is enough water for one person to drink for two and a half years.

As the consumer mindset continues to shift toward a focus on moving away from using less natural resources, Winmark’s commitment to sustainability creates more loyal customers and gives them a way to sell their items and keep them out of landfills to reduce water consumption, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize excessive waste.

At the Forefront of Green Consumerism

According to Statistica, the secondhand apparel market is expected to double in value between 2022 and 2027. Millennials and Gen Z tend towards secondhand clothing and goods more than other generations, which is why our Winmark brands Plato’s Closet®, Once Upon a Child®, Play It Again Sports®, Style Encore®, and Music Go Round® cater to people from newborns to business professionals. Resale retail concepts are timeless and have consistent, resilient demand.

Even as our consumers' needs change, our range of stores can accommodate their new needs. For example, as someone's fashion preferences might age out of Plato’s Closet, Style Encore can provide a new selection of clothing that might better fit their needs. In a recent study, 62% of respondents said they “always or often” seek to buy sustainable products, while 78% noted that sustainability was a concern for them.

Winmark brands provide people with various marketplaces that can support consumers wanting a range of products to choose from that can adapt to their changing needs. While Earth Day comes around once a year, we strive to celebrate the planet and its natural resources every day.

When you franchise with Winmark, you gain the opportunity to protect the planet and make a difference in your community. Contact us today to learn more about opening a store in your area.