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How Each of Our Franchise Brands Delivers Value to Different Communities

At Winmark - The Resale Company®, our diverse portfolio of franchise brands is more than just a collection of businesses. Each brand under our umbrella serves a specific niche within communities, delivering value through affordability, sustainability, and accessibility. Let's explore how each of our franchise brands brings unique benefits to different communities:

Plato’s Closet®: Catering to fashion-conscious teens and young adults, Plato’s Closet offers trendy, gently-used clothing and accessories. Providing affordable fashion options empowers young individuals to express themselves without breaking the bank. This brand resonates with communities seeking style and affordability for the younger generation.

Once Upon A Child®: Families with growing children find a haven in Once Upon A Child. This brand specializes in buying and selling gently-used children’s apparel, toys, and baby equipment. It’s a place where parents can shop affordably, ensuring their kids have what they need without stretching the budget.

Play It Again Sports®: Sports enthusiasts of all ages and families benefit from Play It Again Sports, which offers gently-used, quality sports equipment. This brand encourages an active lifestyle and fosters community engagement through sports, providing affordable access to gear for families.

Music Go Round®: Musicians and families with children interested in music find their haven in Music Go Round, the world's largest seller of used musical equipment. Our brand caters to beginners and seasoned pros alike, offering quality, gently used instruments and gear at prices and locations accessible to diverse communities passionate about music.

Style Encore®: Style Encore is the go-to destination for women and men who value shopping conveniently, locally and sustainability when buying and selling gently used clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories.

By each brand focusing on a defined community, we offer our franchisees a clear direction and target audience. This specificity means franchisees can tailor their marketing efforts and business strategies to resonate deeply with their community's needs, allowing them to foster stronger connections and customer loyalty.

Meeting Community Needs

With over 1,300 stores and counting, we are an established leader in the resale and franchising industries - but there’s room to grow. So many communities need a resale store with quality, affordable shopping options. Amid this demand and more budget-conscious consumers, there’s no better time to start franchising with us and begin making a difference. Our resale retail businesses have excellent average store sales, superior gross margins, and a proven track record.

A Commitment to Protecting the Planet

The appeal of sustainability is another crucial factor for franchisees. In addition to the growing budget-friendly mindset of many consumers, they also increasingly prioritize eco-conscious shopping. Before it was a trend, we were committed to extending the life cycle of used items and reducing waste, and since 2010, we have recycled over 1.7 billion items. Our franchisees are not just running businesses but are part of a larger movement to promote sustainability. This resonates with today's consumers, creating a loyal base for franchisees and positioning them as community leaders in sustainability.

At Winmark, we are committed to giving our franchisees a solid foundation to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams while empowering them to own purpose-driven businesses that positively impact their communities.

Contact us today to explore stable franchise opportunities that resonate with your community and entrepreneurial aspirations.