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Benefits of Retail Resale Franchising

Interest in the Retail Resale Industry Continues to Grow

There are many reasons why choosing a retail resale franchise over another industry in franchising is a great idea. Simply put, the retail resale segment is growing rapidly and will continue to lead the growth in the retail industry, both online and in traditional brick and mortar locations. According to the National Association of Thrift and Retail Stores (NARTS), the retail resale segment has been growing at strong single digits over the past decade and will continue to grow from $18B today to over $24B by 2024.

Winmark® is proud to be ahead of the curve. We have five successful resale brands that have helped to redefine each of their industries. Each brand is the leader in its respective category, with all five making the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list of top franchises. Whether its clothes, sports equipment, toys, or musical instruments, there is a large appetite among consumers for gently used items that offer both quality and affordability.

Our five successful resale franchises include:

  • Plato’s Closet®
  • Once Upon Child®
  • Style Encore®
  • Play It Again Sports®
  • Music Go Round®

GlobalData retail analytics shows that the resale market is growing 21 times faster than the regular retail market. Now’s the time to become a resale franchise owner with Winmark®. Visit our Become a Franchisee page to learn more.

The Environmental Impacts of Resale

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, consumers are drawn to businesses and industries that offer business practices and products that take into consideration their environmental impacts and carbon footprints. The quick rise of fast fashion over the past decade has also highlighted the negative impacts these processes and products have on our environment. From their manufacturing process to the materials they use to the disposal of their products, they are extremely harmful to the environment and the future of our planet every step of the way.

Disposable fashion trends have resulted in:

  • Increased air pollution, including more greenhouse gas emissions as a result of increased production
  • Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of clothing being wasted each year as a result of underuse or disposal
  • Wasted precious resources such as the water used in the manufacturing of fast-fashion products
  • Ocean pollution from the microfibres and other chemicals that seep into the water during washing
  • Reports of poor, unsafe working conditions in factories

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion and are turning to more responsible companies that are actively trying to decrease their carbon footprint and leverage our shared economy. Our retail resale franchises give them an alternative they can feel good about.

To learn more about our current resale franchise opportunities, visit our available territories page or reach out to our franchise development team to learn more!

Committed to Tomorrow & Beyond

Winmark is proud to be one step ahead of the trend. We offer environmentally-friendly franchise business opportunities that are demonstrating strong growth and profitability. Over the last decade, we’ve sustained a franchise renewal rate between 95% and 100% because our franchise owners have had incredible experiences and see continued success in their futures.

Our business model has been succeeding for over thirty years and we are still experiencing all-time highs in average unit sales and profit margins. With today’s millennial and Gen Z customers, responsible business practices and sustainable models are more important than ever. We look forward to continuing to lead the retail resale industry for the next three decades and more, both online and in brick and mortar locations!

Good for the Planet & Good for Our Customers

Our brands are not only good for the environment but, they also greatly benefit our customers. Our stores help them stretch their family budgets by providing them with needed cash for their gently used items, while simultaneously offering them fantastic ‘new’ used options at prices that are 70% to 90% off regular retail pricing. These options help our customers find the cash they need today to buy the things their families want and need for tomorrow.

Our franchisees understand and embrace the important role they play as the stewards of that relationship in their community and take that responsibility extremely seriously. We are not just another retailer to our customers, we are their advocate and supporter in the community.

Join Our Movement

When you become a retail resale franchise owner, you are sending a message to your customers that you care about the environment and you care about them. This positive image helps build long-lasting relationships and positions your business for continued growth as the consumer backlash toward environmentally-harmful companies continues to increase.

At Winmark®, we are advocating for a circular and shared economy and would love for you to become a part of our exciting movement.

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