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3 Reasons Consumers Continue to Buy Quality Used Music Gear

The demand for quality used music gear plays on.

The musical instrument retail market as a whole was valued at $7.5 billion in 2018 and projected to grow steadily into 2025 and beyond. While the demand for digital instruments is expected to be a main driver of growth in the future, stringed and percussive instruments are still leading the market in total sales.

As musical instrument sales continue to increase, the demand for quality used gear will rise with it, bringing steady business to Music Go Round® franchisees.

Here’s three reasons why.

1. Learning a New Instrument on a Budget

For an industry mostly driven by hobbyists, playing an instrument is quite an expensive hobby.

While the musical instrument retail market largely goes by the adage “you get what you pay for” in terms of quality, shopping purely by the most inexpensive instruments isn’t always the best idea. Buying that cheap guitar or violin might sound like a good deal, but if the person learning the instrument is serious about the endeavor, he or she may become frustrated. Learning any instrument is already difficult, and starting out with poorly made equipment only adds unnecessary challenges and obstacles to the process.

The solution is buying quality used gear. Consumers are turning to the musical instrument resale market for all their entry-level needs and beyond.

Music Go Round franchise owners provide their customers with high-quality new and used musical equipment at an affordable price. Buying quality used allows our customers to purchase higher-end gear at a lower price, eliminating the unnecessary added difficulties of poor instruments for first timers.

2. Outgrown or Worn-Out Gear

If a customer moves past the beginner stage, quality used music gear presents an opportunity to replace or upgrade his or her original equipment without breaking the bank.

Regardless of its build quality, all musical instruments will face some wear and tear throughout the lifetime of the product. For inexpensive, beginner-level equipment, this wear and tear may show itself quicker than gear built better. Investing in an upgrade for instruments can likely re-spark a customer’s interest and engagement with playing music.

3. Searching for Specific Sounds

One of the benefits of buying quality used musical equipment is the variation and selection available. From vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars to flutes and modern stage lighting kits, Music Go Round franchisees carry inventory for band students and advanced veteran musicians alike.

For veteran musicians looking to build their collection, Music Go Round’s ecommerce selection of quality used equipment gives them a way to find exactly what they’re looking for on a budget. Our vintage gear attracts even the most experienced collector who may be looking for that 1960s psychedelic rock sound, while our modern instruments are equally perfect for beginners and advanced players. Through Music Go Round’s ecommerce site, musicians can find exactly what they need from our universal shopping cart. Taking the search for that perfect instrument digital is just one more reason consumers will continue to buy quality used music gear.

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