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  • 3 Tips to Break into the Resale Market Resale businesses are in fashion right now. Studies show that the global secondhand apparel market is set to double by 2027 and that 74% of global consumers are already shopping resale. For budding entrepreneurs looking to open their own businesses, the resale market ... Continue Reading
  • How Do Your Shopping Habits Impact the Environment? Whether it's excessive water consumption or high emissions, it’s easy to point to any number of visibly wasteful practices in the retail industry. Many of these habits can be damaging to the environment, but consumers are forcing change. Here are some ways shopping habits ... Continue Reading
  • How Much Does It Cost to Open a Music Store Franchise? Consumers spend upwards of $8 billion a year on musical instruments and equipment. So it’s no surprise that entrepreneurial musicians are looking to turn their passion into profits within the music resale industry. However, being a talented musician doesn’t always translate ... Continue Reading
  • Winmark Survey Examines Consumer Habits Related to Shopping, Decluttering, Resale, and Sustainability To better understand how consumers decide what items to bring into, get rid of, or keep in their homes, Winmark - the Resale Company® commissioned an independent survey of 2,000+ general population individuals. In result, we found some great insights into the way people ... Continue Reading
  • A Year-In Review: Celebrating a Successful 2022 As we continue into 2023, Winmark - the Resale Company® is looking back at our successful 2022 and looking forward to another groundbreaking year ahead. Our resale franchise is gaining momentum, with 1,295 franchises in operation and an additional 57 stores have been awarded ... Continue Reading
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