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  • 5 Tips to Break into the Resale Market It’s no secret the resale market is skyrocketing . The industry is expected to grow to $64 billion by 2028 , and there’s a number of reasons why – from its more affordable pricing to its sustainability. For entrepreneurs looking to open a business of their own, the resale ... Continue Reading
  • How a Music Store Franchise Can Improve Your Community There are many documented studies of the positive impacts of playing a musical instrument , from improving cognitive abilities, reducing stress, increasing your sense of achievement and many others. Music Go Round® franchisees can have a significant impact on improving the ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Trends Driving the Future of the Resale Industry The growth of resale has been a seismic shift within the broader retail segment. Growing at a rate 21 times faster than traditional retail, the resale market continues to gain even more momentum with each passing year. Now a $24 billion market, the sector is projected to ... Continue Reading
  • From Medicine to Music: How This Married Couple Found a Second Career in Music Go Round Melinda and David Setchel came to franchising as a second-act career as many entrepreneurs do, even though it wasn’t at the top of their minds. Melinda, a former dental hygienist for 30 years, and David, a former hospital executive for 25 years, both achieved successful ... Continue Reading
  • From TV Exec to Music Go Round Franchisee: Matt Orenstein’s Journey to Winmark When Music Go Round franchisee Matt Orenstein’s career at a premier cable TV network came to an end after a personnel shift in the company, he didn’t go looking to open his own business. He went looking for a rehearsal studio for his band. After Matt’s search ran dry, he ... Continue Reading
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