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Posts from April, 2022

  • Women Franchise Partners at Style Encore Pay Forward Their Success Style Encore is Winmark’s newest brand, and it satisfies a crucial niche of consumers: Millennial and Gen Z professional women. A significant factor in Style Encore’s success is our franchise owners, many of who can empathize with their customer base. In other words, women ... Continue Reading
  • Earth Day Celebration: How Resale Stores are Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future This Earth Day, it’s more apparent than ever that sustainable businesses are the premier option for entrepreneurs and business owners. Amidst rising global conflicts and strife, resale franchises offer consumers a means to make their dollars count toward something that makes ... Continue Reading
  • What's the Outlook for the Resale Industry in 2022? As the economic environment remains full of uncertainty, inflation is taking over. Consumers are finding themselves spending more money on everyday items, from groceries to clothing. While this uptick in retail prices has not deterred people from buying, it has led them ... Continue Reading
  • What Inspired These Life-Long Friends to Open a Play It Again Sports Franchise When it comes to their careers, some people have always known what they wanted to do, while others discover their passion later in life. Rob Lavoie and Cory Edwards are lifelong friends who have spent decades bonding over their love for sports. Both were introduced to ... Continue Reading