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  • What You Should Know about the Current Financing Landscape for Franchisees Knowing how you’re going to fund opening your new business is essential as you decide which franchise opportunities to pursue. Fortunately, the current financial landscape has a multitude of options for franchisees to fund their businesses, and interest rates on lending for ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Essential Questions to Ask while Researching Franchise Opportunities Deciding to make the switch from working for someone else to working for yourself can be a scary process. At the same time, it is an incredibly exciting move that can give you greater control over your own destiny and provide for your family for years to come. However, ... Continue Reading
  • How to Assess Retail Franchise Opportunities Once you’ve decided that entering the retail franchise space is the right move, it’s time to search for the right brand and business concept. You'll need to evaluate and assess start-up costs, company values, corporate support, differentiators, as well as many other ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Reasons Local Businesses Can Have the Biggest Environmental Impact Consumers increasingly seek out businesses that recognize and follow through on sustainable business practices. Whether by reducing unnecessary waste or creating a brand with strong environmental values, businesses can increase their value and achieve overall success. While ... Continue Reading
  • Resale Franchises Help Consumers Declutter, Destress—and Make a Profit More than 76 percent of Americans reported they engage in spring cleaning every year, according to a survey from the American Cleaning Institute. Yet, clutter is a significant issue for the majority of Americans. This may be due to the fact that spaces that tend to get the ... Continue Reading
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