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  • 3 Trends Driving the Future of the Resale Industry The growth of resale has been a seismic shift within the broader retail segment. Growing at a rate 21 times faster than traditional retail, the resale market continues to gain even more momentum with each passing year. Now a $24 billion market, the sector is projected to ... Continue Reading
  • Why Resale Franchises are a Strong Investment for Millennial Entrepreneurs Every day, 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age, and millennials are stepping in to take their place in the labor market. In fact, 75 percent of the workforce will be comprised of millennials by 2025. The employment landscape isn’t just changing from an age standpoint. ... Continue Reading
  • How Sustainable Franchise Concepts Influence Culture Franchising and sustainability are increasingly being uttered in the same conversations among franchise prospects and franchisors alike. Environmentally friendly franchise business concepts provide those seeking a pathway to entrepreneurship with an opportunity to become a ... Continue Reading
  • How Do Your Shopping Habits Impact the Environment? Whether it’s excessive plastic packaging or an unnecessary paper receipt, it’s easy to point to any number of visibly wasteful practices in retail. However, there are just as many hidden environmental costs in the industry, but many of them can be changed by consumers. Here ... Continue Reading
  • How Back-to-School Shopping Impacts Resale Franchise Owners With the school year right around the corner, it’s time for students and parents to start checking items off their supplies lists and expand their wardrobes. Depending on a student’s age and extracurricular activities, the cost of a year’s worth of supplies can run upward of ... Continue Reading
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