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3 Reasons To Own a Resale Store in a College Town

For 35 years, Winmark - the Resale Company® has transformed entrepreneurial aspirations into reality while meeting critical needs for communities throughout the United States.

It was 2021 when Plato’s Closet franchisee Brittany Wangemann opened her location in the college town of Orem, Utah. Nestled between Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University, her store’s success is a testament to the extraordinary opportunities college towns provide for business owners.

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1. A Consistent Flow of New Customers

College towns provide a vibrant and ever-changing customer base, and “having a location like this helps you have a consistent flow of new customers," said Brittany.

The continuous influx of incoming students and the departure of graduates present an exceptional opportunity for franchisees to tap into a market that is ceaselessly in search of affordable and trendy products. Brittany's store capitalizes on these shifting demands by offering an extensive range of high-quality, gently used apparel that reflects the latest trends and styles.

2. Access to a Motivated Workforce

Another great benefit of operating in a college town is the seamless access to a pool of motivated students who are actively seeking employment opportunities.

Brittany’s location is also close to many high schools, providing part-time job opportunities for teenagers. By offering employment opportunities to students, franchisees, like Brittany, contribute to the growth and development of their local community.

3. Thriving Buy-and-Sell Culture

Brittany also mentions that owning this store has shown her how students have unique purchasing behaviors, creating a successful buy-and-sell culture. She explains, "Kids always want clothes, so they are consistently selling and buying. It makes for a great business."

This unique benefit allows franchisees to cater to their market’s ever-changing tastes and demands.

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Brittany’s Road to Business Ownership

Brittany's story serves as an example of the exceptional opportunities offered through our stores and the entrepreneurial passion shared by our franchisees. Her connection with Plato's Closet began at a young age when she started as a seasonal employee, gradually working her way up to become the store's owner.

After two years as a sales associate, Brittany earned a promotion to manager and held that position for 12 years, fostering a deep understanding and passion for Plato's Closet. Eventually, she became the district manager and developed a close friendship with the store owner.

In a nice twist of fate, the owner told Brittany and her husband in 2021 he was ready to sell the store, knowing her long-standing desire to take the reins. Brittany seized the opportunity, starting her exhilarating franchise journey. She credits Winmark’s support for making the transition to owner smooth, saying, “It was an easy process with Winmark, they made it simple to start that process and do what we needed to do to own it.”

Recognizing the flexibility and her dedication to her store, Brittany remarks, "I'm extremely passionate about Plato's, I can do it while being a mom and still have a creative outlet, help the community, and make my own schedule." Brittany’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to Plato’s Closet fueled her drive to seize the opportunity and become a successful franchise owner.

Benefits of Franchising with Winmark

While starting a new business can be challenging, franchising with Winmark provides numerous benefits. Brittany expressed her satisfaction with Winmark, stating, "I loved that Winmark has direction...You follow a path but still do your own thing. It’s up to you to make your store successful."

Our guidance and support allow franchisees to combine their own creativity with a proven business model. As a nationally recognized franchising business with over 1,295 locations across the United States, our sustainable brands deliver expert experience that allows us to guide entrepreneurs. Additionally, our franchisee community offers a valuable network of support and inspiration.

Brittany highlights Winmark’s franchise network as one of her favorite parts of owning her store, stating, “I really enjoy getting to know the other franchisees, and I have also been very lucky to have had great field operations managers and great employees who want to help us be successful.”

Supporting Her Staff

Opening a resale store in a college town offers a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Brittany's story exemplifies the advantages of operating in this vibrant market.

Franchising with Winmark provides the necessary framework and support to thrive in this unique environment. If you are seeking a fulfilling and profitable business venture, consider owning a resale store with Winmark.

Contact us today to learn more about opening a rewarding store in your town.