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Posts from 2019

  • From TV Exec to Music Go Round Franchisee: Matt Orenstein’s Journey to Winmark When Music Go Round franchisee Matt Orenstein’s career at a premier cable TV network came to an end after a personnel shift in the company, he didn’t go looking to open his own business. He went looking for a rehearsal studio for his band. After Matt’s search ran dry, he ... Continue Reading
  • Style Encore Helps Young Professionals Develop a Workweek Wardrobe The current U.S. unemployment rate is at a near 50-year low. While the record 3.5 percent unemployment rate indicates the health of the overall economy, there’s also an impact on those returning to the workforce, moving up the rungs within their organization or switching ... Continue Reading
  • How Much Does it Cost to Open a Resale Franchise? One of the first questions franchise prospects often ask when vetting concepts is about the initial investment. Resale franchises’ cost will vary based on your location, inventory and an array of other factors. However, the startup costs to get your franchise up and running ... Continue Reading
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