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  • 3 Reasons Local Businesses Can Have the Biggest Environmental Impact Consumers increasingly seek out businesses that recognize and follow through on sustainable business practices. Whether by reducing unnecessary waste or creating a brand with strong environmental values, businesses can increase their value and achieve overall success. While ... Continue Reading
  • What Types of Businesses Thrive During a Recession? Recessions are particularly difficult times for small businesses. During the Great Recession, more than 170,000 small businesses closed down between 2007 and 2009. With the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, job security has become a top issue for millions of ... Continue Reading
  • Resale Franchises Help Consumers Declutter, Destress—and Make a Profit More than 76 percent of Americans reported they engage in spring cleaning every year, according to a survey from the American Cleaning Institute. Yet, clutter is a significant issue for the majority of Americans. This may be due to the fact that spaces that tend to get the ... Continue Reading
  • Having Each Other’s Backs: Winmark’s Family of Franchise Brands You often read or hear that you quickly find out who your true friends are when you encounter your greatest difficulties. It’s when you’re faced with challenges that those who want to see you succeed and are willing to support you stick around – bound by camaraderie and ... Continue Reading
  • How Winmark Franchise Owners Are Using Social Media to Stay Connected with their Customers Social media has always been a valuable tool for local businesses, but now that communities across the country are under stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, social media has become more important than ever. Winmark franchise owners are using social media in myriad of ways ... Continue Reading
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