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Plato's Closet

  • Celebrating International Women's Day: Meet An Unstoppable Mother-Daughter Franchisee Duo Over the years, Winmark has been proud to be home to so many strong, female leaders - from 20% of our executive team and Board of Directors to 60% of our leadership team, powerful women have made our five resale brands what they are today. With half of our stores owned by ... Continue Reading
  • A Year-In Review: Celebrating a Successful 2022 As we continue into 2023, Winmark - the Resale Company® is looking back at our successful 2022 and looking forward to another groundbreaking year ahead. Our resale franchise is gaining momentum, with 1,295 franchises in operation and an additional 57 stores have been awarded ... Continue Reading
  • Meet the Mom of Four Who Supports Her Family Through Resale Franchising Winmark - the Resale Company® is home to dozens of long-time franchisees. For Marnie McKnight, her journey started all the way back in 2000, when she opened her first Once Upon a Child® store in the Bloomington, Indiana market. An additional Once Upon A Child, three Style ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Reasons More Customers Are Gift Shopping Resale This Year As the holiday season comes to a close, so does the busiest time of year for our nearly 1,300 resale stores - and this year, the resale industry has seen more holiday shoppers than ever. Between the uncertain economy, a continued spike in green consumerism, a desire to give ... Continue Reading
  • Plato's Closet Celebrates Its 500th Store! This year has been one of many milestones for Winmark - the Resale Company®, and we’re topping it off with the opening of our 500th Plato’s Closet store! The store opened on December 1st in Windsor, ON, furthering our mission to provide Resale for Everyone™. The Store that ... Continue Reading
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