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Posts from November, 2021

  • What Are the Most Common Challenges of Operating a Music Store? For entrepreneurs, there are many factors to consider when deciding what type of business to open. For some, their business centers around something they’ve been passionate about their whole life. For others, it takes quite a bit of analysis to determine which route would be ... Continue Reading
  • What Are the Most Effective Sales Tactics for Resale Shop Owners? When it comes to owning a resale shop, one of the most significant hoops to jump through is getting people through your doors. In terms of sales, owning a resale shop is similar to owning any other retail location. Ultimately, you need to give customers a reason to want to ... Continue Reading
  • 6 Social Media Tips for Resale Franchise Owners When it comes to marketing, social media platforms are some of the most prominent channels to attract new customers and retain current ones. Each year, these companies introduce new features, and lately, video content has been dominating the digital world. For businesses ... Continue Reading
  • Are Sustainability-Focused Businesses Profitable? In 2021, anyone looking to open a new business has many options to consider. Two years ago, the economic landscape looked entirely different from today; the world has been forever changed by a global pandemic and mounting climate change. Since well before then, however, ... Continue Reading
  • What Is the Initial Franchise Fee? When it comes to owning a franchise, one of the first steps you will take is paying the initial franchise fee. This will allow you to open a location and provide you with certain rights as an owner. For aspiring entrepreneurs who have never owned a franchise before, there is ... Continue Reading
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