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Posts from September, 2018

  • The Importance of Customer Service for Buyers and Sellers Standing out with unbeatable prices in a crowded marketplace is one of the main differentiators bringing customers to our stores, but that’s not to say that customer service shouldn’t remain a top priority. Even though our products are affordable, top-tier customer service ... Continue Reading
  • The Impact of Resale Franchises on the Environment As more and more consumers understand the impact of their actions on the environment, recycling has quietly become a huge business in North America, with over $17B recycled through thrift and resale shops alone. Winmark Corporation and its network of brands stand alone as ... Continue Reading
  • The Benefits of Brick-and-Mortar Resellers Despite online sales growth, there is still a need for brick-and-mortar retail locations. In fact, there are more stores opening than closing – studies show that for every store closing, 2.7 open up. For resellers, many benefits exist for a brick-and-mortar store, which ... Continue Reading
  • How Winmark’s Business Plan Guidance Sets Franchisees Up for Success Business owners who completed business plans were nearly twice as likely to successfully grow their businesses or obtain capital as those who didn’t write a plan, according to a recent survey. Still, for new business owners, writing a business plan can be a formidable and ... Continue Reading
  • Social Media Marketing for Your Resale Franchise The internet, smartphones and social media have changed how consumers do just about everything, and these technologies play a big role in how people shop. On average, consumers spend two hours a day on social media, so it’s no surprise that the platforms they frequent are a ... Continue Reading