Winmark Fulfills Entrepreneurial Dreams: Helping Franchisees Thrive in the Resale Industry

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If you plan to start a resale business and want to ensure its success, Winmark - the Resale Company® may be your perfect partner. At Winmark, we provide franchisees with a proven business model that offers various benefits. To explore what awaits, Shannon Hoppe, Senior Director of Franchise and New Store Development at Winmark, shares valuable insights into the unique advantages of being part of our franchise brands.

The Winmark Advantage

Many retail consumers are often left with the choice between high retail prices and inconvenient locations or secondhand items of inferior quality. However, at Winmark, our franchised brands offer a polished resale format that fits perfectly between those two, blending high-quality used items with some new merchandise. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or a new entrepreneur looking to establish your first franchise partnership, Winmark offers a unique opportunity to fill that critical gap in the market that many communities and families need.

What further separates Winmark is that we have been partnering with our franchisees for over 35 years, creating a stable, rewarding business opportunity for business owners. Over the years, we have cultivated experience in resale and become a leader in the industry. Our experience with franchisees and presence as a leader in resale helps us provide experienced support with all the tools our franchisees need to create a thriving business.

“Often, we hear from franchisees that a big reason they chose to partner with Winmark was because of the comprehensive training and support available,” states Hoppe. “With Winmark, you’re not alone. You have a huge network of support, from our training, operations, tech, and marketing teams as well as fellow franchisees.”

Extensive Support

New franchisees attend two weeks of Winmark-led training sessions, which consist of real estate training, business planning, and inventory management. We also have our own proprietary software that makes it easy and consistent to price items, and there is extensive instruction on how to buy, sell, and trade items. Moreover, franchisees not only get the support and expertise from an established franchisor with a name in the resale industry but also from a network of over 1,300 locations.

“One way we maintain a strong sense of community amongst our franchisees is through our annual conferences,” states Hoppe. “This is a terrific opportunity for franchisees to get out of their stores and network with other franchisees. It’s an opportunity to [not only] learn from others in workshops but also to talk with one another and discuss challenges and solutions as well as share best practices.”

By keeping the lines of communication open, we help our franchisees stay ahead of industry trends, delivering the best possible experience to their customers. Each of our brands also has a franchisee advisory council that our team meets with regularly to ensure that we maintain a pulse on what’s happening in all of the stores across North America. This committee ensures we’re grounded in what we do and that we have a direct line of communication with the representatives of the brand.

Adapting and Expanding

At Winmark we understand that the resale industry is dynamic, and adapting to evolving trends is crucial. One aspect on which we pride ourselves is listening and learning from our franchisees. "A big part of what we do is listen to our franchisees and share what’s working within the franchise system, which, in turn, contributes to the success of all,” states Hoppe. “We consider our franchisees our partners, and together we are able to grow and adapt to industry trends.”

Our franchisees are not just entrepreneurs who receive our support; they are community builders and sustainability champions. We share a commitment to high-quality, eco-friendly shopping alternatives that allow franchisees the rewarding opportunity to not only protect the environment but also create a fulfilling business opportunity as consumers grow increasingly eco-conscious. Through this commitment, our franchisees become integral parts of their community.

Finally, as time goes on, the resources that our stores provide (value-priced goods, payment into the community, accessibility to quality goods, and so much more) become increasingly important to communities across North America. By highlighting the significant impact our stores make, we can evolve alongside the communities we serve.

Winmark resale store

The Best Part about Working with Franchisees

Working with potential franchise owners is not just about business—it's about fulfilling dreams, building legacies, and making a difference.

"What excites me the most is when I hear why potential franchise owners want to start their own business and why they chose Winmark,” states Hoppe. “People want to bring our brands to their communities for a variety of different reasons, including building a family legacy, giving the community a place to shop for great, value-priced items, and keeping items out of landfills.

“Helping people bring their dreams to life is what makes our brands so special."

At Winmark, we believe in the transformative power of our franchise model, and we look forward to supporting more entrepreneurs on their journey. If you're considering joining us, you're not just starting a business; you're embracing an opportunity to make a difference.

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