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Highlighting Franchise Appeal: Why Multi-Unit Operators Find Success with Winmark

For over three decades, Winmark – the Resale Company® has been at the forefront of empowering franchisees to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations. With a robust portfolio of five resale brands and over 1,300 locations, we stand as a beacon for people seeking their next rewarding and fulfilling business venture. The appeal of our franchises and brands at Winmark lies in our profitability, scalability, and comprehensive support system, features that have guided many franchisees toward the path of multi-unit owners.

Proven Expertise in a Growing Industry

Winmark's appeal to multi-unit operators is grounded in our renowned reputation in the resale industry and extensive franchising experience. Our proven business model, refined over the years, provides security even in challenging economic times. This success attracts franchisees who choose to pursue ownership of multiple locations, finding satisfaction and prosperity in their ventures with Winmark.

Winmark’s expertise in the resale industry, evident through our five resale brands that have each become a leader in their respective categories, offers multi-unit operators a unique position in the resale market. Whether it's clothing, sports equipment, toys, or musical instruments, consumers have a large appetite for gently used items that offer quality and affordability, making our brands attractive investments for entrepreneurs. With over 2,800 open locations and robust opportunities for growth, the potential for multi-unit franchisees to scale their operations is significant. Additionally, multi-unit operators also benefit from the resale market’s expansion, as the market is outpacing the growth of traditional retail and is projected to hit $350 billion by 2027.

A Supportive Culture

Winmark’s unwavering commitment to our franchisees is at the heart of our business opportunity and another significant reason why multi-unit operators find success with us.When a franchisee signs an agreement, we offer comprehensive training and support in many ways. From real estate, operations, training, marketing, and more, we make it possible for franchisees without retail experience to build successful stores.

Transparency within our franchise network is also a crucial part of our support. Feedback among franchisees is not just encouraged but is integral to continuous improvement and growth. Winmark holds annual conferences and several meetings for the franchisees of our brands, which serves as a platform for them to share their experiences, collaborate, and take home new ideas for their stores.

Winmark’s support and welcoming culture is grounded in our mission to help people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. This devotion is a significant attraction for multi-unit operators looking to expand their portfolios and follow their dreams.

A Diverse Portfolio that Cultivates Brand Loyalty

Winmark's array of brands offers compelling diversity, attracting multi-unit operators. With brands such as Play It Again Sports®, Plato’s Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Music Go Round®, and Style Encore®, Winmark caters to distinct audiences, enabling multi-unit franchisees to access various demographics in their local community and broaden their customer base. Remarkably, up to 47% of Winmark franchisees manage multiple stores, often boasting cross-branded portfolios.

Our brands also operate on a single point-of-sale system and share standardized procedures, making it easy to open multiple units of the same or different brand. Additionally, our team constantly updates and implements new technologies to give our franchisees a competitive advantage. This offers the flexibility to tailor their business investments and blend many of our brands into their own portfolios.

Our Winmark brands are all committed to rewarding causes like sustainability and community involvement, too. By offering a resale model that promotes eco-friendly shopping, Winmark franchisees can appeal to an ever-growing number of consumers increasingly concerned with their environmental impact. Winmark franchisees are also encouraged to build relationships within their communities, whether through social media, fundraising, or local events. These commitments foster strong brand loyalty in communities, creating more value for multi-unit franchisees.

When you franchise with Winmark, you start a business venture with an experienced company dedicated to helping you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. Contact us today to learn more about multi-unit expansion and our franchise opportunity.