Navigating Change: How Winmark Adapts to the Trends in the Franchise Industry


In a day and age when consumers have more access to information than ever before, it is essential for franchises to pay attention to their customers’ ever-changing preferences. A recent forecast of consumer trends shows that more consumers want sustainable products and packaging and consider sustainability before they make a purchase.. For the last thirty-five years, Winmark – the Resale Company® has been a leader among sustainable franchise brands and provided a proven business opportunity to budding entrepreneurs by incentivizing people to recycle and reduce waste. Our portfolio of five brands creates an eco-friendly marketplace for gently used apparel, sporting goods, children’s clothes, and musical instruments.

With over 1,300 locations across North America, Winmark brands are ubiquitous for consumers looking to elongate the lifespan of their used clothing, toys, sporting goods, and musical instruments. Our brands provide franchisees with an environmentally friendly investment opportunity with a direct impact on their local community. While some trends come and go, we have known since day one that taking care of our planet and supporting conscientious consumers would never go out of style.

A Clear Mission

Winmark brands have carved out a niche in retail by selling high-quality used products alongside new goods. From Play it Again Sports® to Style Encore®, the names of our beloved resale brands reflect the value of buying, selling, trading, and consigning used brand-name merchandise. Since we began franchising, investing in a sustainable business has lured many franchisees. This shared sense of eco-consciousness has become a cornerstone of our franchise community.

We know that recycling can have a huge impact on the planet, and the best way for someone to be a part of creating lasting change is by creating accessible solutions on the community level. By encouraging our franchise owners to invest back into their communities and support sustainable consumer habits, we have become an essential resource for eco-friendly families. Affordable, environmentally friendly fashion, toys, sporting goods, and musical instruments will always be in demand.

Dynamic Business Models

Our brand’s resale models mean any particular store’s inventory will reflect the consumer trends of their local area. Furthermore, each store adds new products to the floor daily, ensuring customers can shop fresh items each time they visit bringing their customers back time and time again. Although each store sells both new and high-quality used merchandise, no two stores will have the same items for sale.

Each of our brands create designated spaces for consumers that are tailored to their needs whether they are parents, professionals, young adults, athletes, or musicians. Team members who are passionate about sustainability help people find the exact item that will best suit their needs and budget. Our business models help get resale items back in use as quickly as possible and extend the life of each object that passes through our stores. .

Paying Attention to Feedback

We have been confident in our mission to build sustainable small businesses, but staying ahead of consumer preferences means paying attention to what people want. Studies show that a sustainable lifestyle is important to 78% of consumers, and 60% say they’d pay more for sustainable packaging products. People want a responsible ecological footprint, and we want to prove that sustainable products don’t have to come at a premium.

Being a franchise gives us the ability to have an authentic presence in each of the communities we serve. Our franchisees are integral parts of their communities and we want to hear their ideas on how we can further our mission as a sustainable business and make Winmark - Your First Stop for Resale™

Leaders of a Sustainable Future

We can lessen the negative impact of buying everyday goods on the environment , and it all starts with business owners who want to change the world, one community at a time. Taking on the role of a retail resale franchise owner with Winmark makes sense for entrepreneurs who want to build a business that makes a positive impact in their community—both ecologically and economically.

Winmark’s five resale retail brands, Plato’s Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Style Encore®, Play It Again Sports®, and Music Go Round®, are prime examples of what sustainable franchises can look like. Every day, we empower our franchisees to become leaders in their community’s future.

At Winmark®, our resale franchises prove that franchising and sustainability can go hand in hand. Our commitment to creating sustainability-focused businesses is not a reaction to shifting consumer preferences but a reflection of who we have always been. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to protecting the planet and our sustainable, rewarding franchise opportunity.

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