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Plato’s Closet the Perfect Franchise Opportunity for this Retiree

Plato’s Closet the Perfect Franchise Opportunity for this Retiree

Retirees represent one of the biggest and fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs in the country, according to Forbes magazine. Don Appel joined this group over 15 years ago when he opened his very own Plato’s Closet® after retiring.


Appel was busy during his working years. As a banker turned merchandise manager turned clothing manufacturer, sitting still wasn’t an option during retirement. After doing his research on franchising, Appel found Plato’s Closet and knew it was the perfect business to keep him busy.

Plato’s Closet Provides Business Opportunity and Flexibility

The growing popularity of shopping at resale shops, along with the minimal inventory costs and the developing recognition of Plato’s Closet, piqued Appel’s interest. More than 15 percent of Americans shop at resale stores and the numbers continue to grow. Appel realized he could live the life he wanted by keeping a busy, yet flexible work life within the $17 billion resale industry.

“Plato’s Closet’s parent company, Winmark Corporation, has a proven business system in place and provides support that makes life easy for small business owners,” explained Appel.

“We want all of our franchisees to succeed as business owners at Winmark Corporation,” stated Steve Murphy, President of Franchising at Winmark®. “Don is a great example of how individuals can re-engage from retirement as business owners with our proven business model and training. By hiring a reliable general manager and operational partner, Don has created the freedom to be worry free when it comes to day-to-day operations.”

How Winmark Sets Franchisees Up for Success

Appel has taken the Winmark business model and integrated his strong track record as a leader and experience as a general manager to open two successful locations in Kennesaw, Georgia. Though Don has many years of previous work experience, he believes the support from Winmark has helped him successfully run his resale business for the past 15 years.


In addition to extensive training, just a few ways Winmark sets franchisees up for success include assistance with:

  • Business planning
  • Retail site selection
  • Store design and layout
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing budgeting and planning
  • Training programs for owners and staff

Winmark also offers ongoing small-business consultation support from regional field operations staff. And, franchisees have access to support center technicians, who provide IT support and assist store owners with use of software and hardware.

“In my experience as a franchisee I lived by the rule of: ‘Whatever Winmark says to do, do it.’ I trust my franchisor and am very happy with my status as a franchisee and retiree,” said Appel.

Many entrepreneurs who join the Winmark network of brands have a similar background as Don. They possess decades of experience, a large nest egg and a steady head about what they want to achieve. With Winmark, they have the tools necessary to meet their goals.

If you are interested in staying active during your retirement without risking your flexible schedule, visit our website for more information regarding our franchise opportunities.