What Kind of Training Do Music Go Round® Franchisees Receive?


Music Go Round® is one of our proud brands with which we offer you franchise opportunities. It may be a daunting and uncertain experience for some because they are unsure of what to expect. However, to give our potential franchisees the peace of mind they deserve, we offer extensive training so you can start up your Music Go Round® franchise with confidence.

We offer more than 75 hours of classroom and in-store training systems to help you succeed. You’ll learn a number of things, including how to manage your employees, your merchandise, the way the store operates, and how to provide the best customer service possible. In the first week alone, you will learn the following.

Business Planning

For one full day, you will receive the necessary training to help you build your three-year business plan. This is what you will be taking to the bank to help secure the finances necessary to start up your franchise location. Banks understand the Music Go Round® brand and know that we deliver. This helps streamline the loan process and gets you started on your franchise.

Picking the Site of Your Store

Finding your location is quite simple when you wish to make a choice between many spaces in your area. We want you to understand how simple it is to find a place in your area that will suit your store and we will show you how to move to a space that will ensure you are running your business happily. We walk you through the entire process, including site selection and signing your lease.

Understanding Your Product

While you may be familiar with music gear and equipment, there are plenty of instruments that you may not know about and we want to make sure you have that knowledge. We will educate you on all of your products so you know exactly what you’ll be reselling.

We want you to come franchise with us today and we will give you many opportunities to earn money from a company that you have started yourself. Our team also offers ongoing support so you are always up to date on the marketing, knowledge, and operations.

Call us today to get started.

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