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The Perks of Owning a Music Go Round®

Starting a business that satisfies an artistic ambition can be daunting. But, if you’re a musician or someone with a passion for music, Music Go Round provides the perfect intersection of lifestyle and business opportunity.

Here are some perks of owning your own Music Go Round franchise:

Being a Member of the Growing Resale Community

The resale industry is $17 billion strong and growing. While mom and pop resale shops struggle to carve out their niche in the industry, a franchise brand, such as Music Go Round, enjoys widespread recognition and ongoing support from Winmark Corporation to maximize profitability.

Within the resale franchise system, you’ll also have the proper processes and tools to generate revenue. With the added benefit of training, you’ll have unlimited earning potential and can enjoy all the benefits of running a business with an established brand.

Enjoy Two Revenue Streams

Music Go Round franchisees can sell instruments and gear from the brand’s e-commerce site as well as from their brick-and-mortar locations.


E-commerce is quickly becoming essential for retailers to employ because consumers are using all avenues to research and buy products. Smartphones are the tool of choice for these tasks. While consumers still visit brick-and-mortar stores, 51 percent are making purchases online, according to a UPS study.

At the same time, more consumers are “webrooming” – researching products online before making a purchase in-store. Having instruments and gear displayed on the e-commerce site also makes selling in-store easier. Because each item on the site has a thorough description and several photos, customers are well informed about the age and condition. It’s not uncommon for customers to walk in the store knowing exactly what they want.

Thanks to Music Go Round’s website, franchisees are boosting their bottom line by selling to out-of-state customers as well as local customers. Another perk to having inventory displayed online is capturing sales by customers who browse the site without searching for anything in particular who show up at the store because they’re impressed with the inventory.


Touring musicians who need instruments or some kind of musical equipment in a snap have been known to visit Music Go Round locations because they saw what they needed on the e-commerce site.

Helping Kids Achieve

Music Go Round franchisees can feel proud knowing they often provide a solution to gaps in education in their communities.

As public schools make budget cuts, they typically eliminate arts curriculum and extra-curricular activities first. This forces students and their parents to find music education outside of school, which can be costly.

Extracurricular activities are important to developing well-rounded children. They allow kids to explore diverse interests outside of academics. Colleges and universities recognize the many advantages of extracurriculars, making after-school activities a key component in their admissions criteria. Parents and kids who can’t afford to buy an instrument are left at a disadvantage.

Music Go Round stores help by selling quality used instruments at an affordable price. Music Go Round offers a way for parents to save on after-school programs without compromising quality or getting rid of them altogether.

Satisfying Your Calling without Going Broke

Outside of being a struggling musician, it’s hard to find a career that satisfies your passion for music. Owning a Music Go Round store is the exception.


Music Go Round provides cool, used musical instruments and gear at a significantly reduced cost to musicians and aspiring musicians in each store’s community. At the same time, Music Go Round buys used instruments and gear to replenish inventory for both in-store and online sales.

Utilizing its 30 years of franchise experience and more than 800 franchise owners representing more than 1,200 locations for five brands, Winmark Corporation provides the business model and brand recognition for Music Go Round. You bring the passion for music. Combined you end up with a business opportunity that lets you pursue a career in music with limitless earning potential.

Interested in a business opportunity in the thriving resale industry? Learn more about opening a Music Go Round in your community.