3 New Trends in Sporting Good Technology and Equipment


Have you ever heard someone say it’s better to watch a football game on TV than in person? All the added field lines, instant replay and technological advances make watching a game at home a completely different experience. Technology hasn’t just changed the way we watch games on TV – it changes the way we play them, too.

Advances in clothing fabric, wearable tech and ergonomic equipment are just some of the trends we’ve seen in the past decade. Some of the biggest trends this year expand on the way consumers integrate smart devices and training-specific gear. Here’s a taste of what to expect at sporting goods stores today:

1. Wearable Tech Integration


The popularity of products like smart watches and wearable tech is on the rise. The wearable tech market is expected to reach $9 billion in revenue by 2022. With more people than ever wearing smart products, sports equipment manufacturers are catching on fast.

Now, more treadmills and stationary bikes are compatible with Bluetooth devices. This integration allows users to import data, like average heart rate, and more accurately read workout stats, such as calories burned or peak heart rate range. This kind of workout equipment provides a more comprehensive, individualized reading for an enhanced fitness experience.

2. Reactive Fabrics


Athleisure and more specialized fitness clothes call for fitness brands to step it up a notch. We’ve heard of compression, but this year athletic clothes are becoming reactive. Reactive clothing includes moisture-wicking and thermal fabrics. These fabrics react to changes in body temperature. For example, moisture wicking fabrics sense when your body becomes warm and damp. Rather than absorbing the sweat, it reacts and pushes it outward to evaporate.

Manufacturers include these materials in a variety of athletic wear from shirts to socks, and even hijabs. Specialized workout clothes make it easier to live an active lifestyle no matter the temperature outside.

3. Training Equipment


More amateur athletes are investing in training-specific products to use outside of game time. Training equipment helps athletes target certain areas they wish to improve and train smarter.

For example, lighter soccer balls help soccer players practice headers without risk of injury. Once they’ve mastered the skill, they can use a regular ball on the field. Other products, like an at-home batting cage net, make it easier for everyone from tee-ball newbies to professional softball players to practice in the backyard without breaking any windows. Specialized equipment helps athletes zero in on skills and perform better on the field.

How Play It Again Sports® Meets Demand

Sports equipment is evolving all the time. Each season brings new versions of the latest trend. This quick turnover creates a big supply of like-new secondhand sports equipment, as well as many players and parents who want to save money on updated equipment and clothes. Play It Again Sports buys gently used sports products and passes on the savings to our customers, who get great deals on like-new items.


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