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How Winmark Franchisees Can Help Fill in the Gaps for K-12 Education

With rising extracurricular fees, more and more parents are feeling the effects of tighter budgets in public education. After-school programs cost parents an average of nearly $800 per child. Some parents and schools are scrapping athletic, music and other extracurricular programs altogether. Yet, there are cost-effective ways to continue providing valuable programs to enrich children’s learning beyond academics.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

There are many benefits of extracurricular activities, from participants indicating higher self-esteem to improved time management skills. According to a recent study from the American Institutes of Research, students who participated in quality after-school programs also surpassed their peers in academic performance and test scores. They exhibited improvements in work habits and behavior as well.

Extracurricular activities allow children to explore diverse interests outside of academics, helping them become well-rounded and versatile in many aspects of life. Colleges and universities have already taken notice of the many advantages of extracurriculars, making after-school activities a key component in their admissions criteria.

How to Save on Athletics

Athletics teach children the importance of teamwork, dedication and a solid work ethic. But every year, one in five parents spend over $1,000 per child for sports gear and equipment. The costs of brand new equipment and uniforms can quickly add up, especially if children are involved in multiple sports. Buying gently used equipment is one of the easiest ways to slash these prices in half.

Finding a resale store that specializes in sports equipment greatly increases consumers’ chances of finding what they need, at the price they’re looking for. Play It Again Sports® offers a great variety of sports and fitness equipment and gear, so customers can find exactly what they need. Merchandise at Play It Again Sports is discounted at 40 to 90 percent off retail prices, meaning significant costs savings for parents.

How to Save on Instruments

Marching band or private music lessons are another popular extracurricular for many students. Studies have shown learning to play an instrument can increase IQ and aid in language development. From the cost of the instrument to regular training and lessons, the price of music extracurriculars can be steep. Music Go Round® offers quality instruments at a fraction of the price of retail stores. Parents can have the peace of mind that they will be saving money while investing in their children’s interests and future.

Despite the myriad benefits of extracurricular activities, they are one of the first areas schools and parents decide they can live without. Fortunately, Winmark brands like Music Go Round and Play It Again Sports offer plenty of ways for parents to save on after-school programs without compromising quality or getting rid of them altogether.

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