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What Types of Support Do Resale Franchise Owners Get with Winmark Corporation, The Resale Company™?

When it comes to owning any type of business, one of the most important things an entrepreneur needs is an exceptional support system. This is just one reason so many choose to go with a franchise opportunity over opening their own business from scratch.

Of course, different franchises have unique support systems when it comes to quality, frequency, tools, resources and team members. At Winmark®, we pride ourselves in our unmatched franchisee support.

Training and Opening Your Resale Franchise

Whether they have a business background, our franchisees need a team who understands their industry and best practices for opening in a new target market. That’s why we offer guidance from the moment they are awarded the franchise.

Kristi Paul, a Style Encore® franchisee in Austin, got to witness first hand what a difference this foundation can make while opening a new store.

“We just were blown away by the amount of support and camaraderie, from the training to setting up a business plan to vendor contacts. It was just rolled out for us, and it was great,” she explained.

Franchisees Alexis Rutherford and Grizel Muniz, based in Dover, DE, echoed Kristi’s statement.

“We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Winmark did that for us and connected us with great people. We could focus on our four walls, and everything else was put together for us which made it much easier,” they said.

Wendy Irizarry, located in The Woodlands, TX, also called out how the reinforcement she received comforted her through starting her new business venture.

“I was really impressed with the professionalism and knowledge. Everybody knew their part and took me through the whole process so I was able to move through it with confidence,” she pointed out.

Feedback and Responsiveness

In the world of business, you never know when new obstacles or questions can pop up. That’s why our support team is always just a phone call away.

Kevin Johnson, who owns multiple Music Go Round® stores in the Columbus, OH area, has used this support system several times throughout his 25 years with the company.

“Having someone at the other end of the phone that picks up right when you call and answers your questions and points you in the right direction ... I find that to be very helpful and I sleep better at night,” he explained.

He also expressed his appreciation for the technology Winmark uses and the perspective they bring to help him continuously improve his stores:

“I don’t have problems with computers, because they get taken care of right away as far as DRS goes, and I have the opportunity to have someone else analyze my business and bring new ideas to life,” he added.

Ryan Simmons, who owns several Winmark stores, including a Once Upon A Child®, Plato’s Closet®, and Style Encore in Pennsylvania, credits the Winmark team with easing his mind on several occasions.

“Winmark has always been very responsive. They’ve always been very professional. I think they’ve always been very honest when we have questions or concerns,” he said.

Another franchisee, Tony Finical, who owns several Louisiana locations, has learned so much from the Winmark team throughout his time with the company.

“All that knowledge that they’re able to accumulate and be able to disperse to me, that’s invaluable,” he stated.

Proven Tools, Systems, and Processes

Our brand takes our supportive environment a step further with the tools, systems, and processes we offer our owners.

“The reason these Winmark franchises are making it is because the majority of people involved with them are doing a good job at following the pattern,” explained Bill Craig, an Ohio-based Plato’s Closet franchisee.

Tim Tresslar, who owns several Plato’s Closet and Style Encore stores in Indiana, provided a deeper look at just how Winmark provides him with efficient tools to run his business.

“They provide the operating system so we know how much we’re going to pay for a particular item that comes in the store,” he said.

He also touched on another important business aspect that Winmark helps their owners with: marketing.

“Having a marketing department that supports your business, do all that research, and then give you all the information and point you in the right direction … Man, that is very meaningful,” he stated.

Karen Wright, a Once Upon A Child and Plato’s Closet franchisee in Toronto, credits the corporate team with driving her success.

“Winmark’s support [and] all of the different programs that they’ve put in place that they’ve learned through the franchisees has helped us grow our business to something I never thought was possible.”

Support that Leads to Independence

Our franchisees enjoy the liberty and independence they get when it comes to their operations, as well as work-life balance.

As LaCrosse, WI-based Style Encore franchisees Andy and Kara Tomashek explained, “It was safe for us to [go with a franchise]. They helped us with a lot of building blocks in the beginning, yet we still get to make so many fun decisions in our own business.”

These include, participating in community events, local store marketing, philanthropic initiatives, building and developing your team and many other aspects of operating a business.

David Tvedt, a Music Go Round franchisee in Albuquerque, NM, praised the balance he has found in being a Winmark franchise owner:

“I have more options now as far as when I’m able to do certain things for me and for my family. The flexibility is immense. You’re not really under anybody else’s thumbs. You get to make your own decisions.”

A Path to Success

At the end of the day, Winmark truly cares about the success of our franchisees. Whether we help them grow in their market or with behind-the-scenes business operations, we are here to provide the resources and tools that benefit them the most, all while allowing them to make their own decisions and implement their own ideas.

Wendy Irizarry has been at the receiving end of the brand doing just that.

“There’s no way I could have achieved the level of success I have if I didn’t have Winmark behind me,” she stated.

Are you interested in the resale retail space and looking for a team that will help support you from start to finish? Click here to learn more about Winmark’s franchising opportunities.