How Once Upon A Child Franchisees Help Parents Shop Smart and Safe


There were more than 240,000 toy-related injuries that landed families in emergency room in 2016, according to a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This staggering statistic doesn’t even factor in children’s furniture or equipment – from cribs to car seats.

While some resale stores – and even some big box retailers -- do the bare minimum to stay compliant with safety regulations, Once Upon A Child stores ensure that all products purchased and sold meet mandatory and voluntary safety standards. Here are just some of the ways we ensure the safety of your children with each product:


Product Recalls

With an ever-changing list of recalled items, it can be difficult for parents to keep track of which toys and products to give their children. Fortunately, Once Upon A Child staff members are consistently checking products against safety standards and updated recall lists. They immediately pull all recalled products from shelves and make sure all items purchased are safety-checked to meet current standards. This way, they prioritize the safety of your children, so you don’t have to worry about anything you buy.

Once Upon A Child staff members only purchase gently-used items that were in stores no longer than a year prior. This not only guarantees that the products sold are the latest styles, it ensures that products are compliant with the most recent safety standards.


Toy Safety Standards

  • ASTM F 936-16- This is the latest toy safety standard. It states that all children’s toys manufactured on or after April 30, 2017, must be tested and certified against new, stricter standards.
  • Third-Party Validation- Toys designed or intended primarily for children 12 and younger need to undergo third-party testing and certification.
  • Small Parts Regulation- This prevents deaths and injuries to children under three from choking on or inhaling small objects they may put near their mouths. It bans toys and other articles that have small parts or produce small parts when broken and are intended for use by children under three. A small part is defined as something that fits completely into a cylinder 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide, which is the size of a small child’s fully expanded throat.
  • To view a complete list of toy safety standards, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

By following voluntary and mandatory precautions, Once Upon A Child franchisees are helping parents shop smart and safe. To learn more about what sets us apart from other businesses, check out our website.


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