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Posts from January, 2018

  • What Impact Does E-Commerce Have on the Resale Industry? Resale is the next big thing for the clothing retail industry. Environmental concerns and value-conscious shopping are driving many consumers away from traditional clothing retailers and toward resale vendors. The resale clothing market is expected to grow 13 percent ... Continue Reading
  • A Family Affair for These Winmark Brand Franchisees The Tresslars are a big family – a normal holiday gathering could easily involve 60 people. Of those sixty, you might run into quite a few Winmark Brand franchisees. Altogether, the Tresslars own 21 Plato’s Closet® clothing resale stores among seven family members. Their ... Continue Reading
  • How Winmark Brands Fit In With Your New Years Resolutions New Year’s resolutions can be rough. What seems like a great idea on December 31 might not look so appealing when February rolls around and the demands of work and family wreak havoc on your schedule. Fortunately, Winmark brands are making it easy this year to keep your ... Continue Reading