Social Media Marketing for Your Resale Franchise


The internet, smartphones and social media have changed how consumers do just about everything, and these technologies play a big role in how people shop. On average, consumers spend two hours a day on social media, so it’s no surprise that the platforms they frequent are a tool for retailers.

Social media presents an opportunity for retailers to reach new audiences and demographics. There are even options to target specific groups through online ads and boosted posts on multiple social media platforms. Owners of resale franchise concepts like Once Upon A Child®, Plato’s Closet®, Music Go Round®, Play It Again Sports® and Style Encore® can utilize these tools to engage their local community.

An independently owned resale franchise has a uniquely local feel, unlike traditional retail giants. Franchise owners can get involved to cement their location as a staple in the community, and social media is a uniquely effective tool in driving social shoppers in stores to make purchases.

Utilize Branded Accounts

While online shopping plays a big role in consumers’ daily habits, nearly four out of five consumers still make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores and merely supplement with online resources as a research tool. Social media allows resale brands to create an online presence that activates consumers anywhere, anytime.


Winmark franchises jumpstart this process for franchisees by helping create accounts and claiming their business on all of the major social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. While the brand will provide post suggestions, this is really a chance for franchisees to get creative. Since each store holds unique treasures for shoppers to find, showcasing inventory is a great use of social platforms. Posting a fall outfit as the seasons change or a one-of-a-kind guitar find that just came in store piques customers’ interest and can get them through the door.

It’s about more than just inventory, social media pages should be a communication tool as well. Customers can leave comments, ask questions or resolve issues, and a branded page can be the centralized location to handle it all. It’s important to stay active and responsive on social media to promote organic engagement. An active page can reach more consumers and expand a brand’s reach.

Local Events Generate Buzz

For a local resale brand, it’s important to build relationships with the community and customers in person too. Local events can generate buzz and increase brand recognition in owners’ neighborhoods.


Winmark helps franchisees navigate this process, supporting them with marketing tools and plans for outreach. Many business owners choose to sponsor local fundraisers and sports teams and be present at summer fairs, art shows and other events in their communities. Franchisees should take advantage of their local social media pages to promote community events to their dedicated group of followers. It’s a chance to engage with your customers and build a following. Specifically, store owners can create and promote events on Facebook and invite their followers to attend — potentially providing a discount or similar incentive for those who join. Doing so helps to bolster community involvement and spread brand recognition and affinity.

Bridge the Digital World with the Real World

Franchise owners benefit from the national brand recognition of a franchise and can leverage this on a local level through marketing — a key tool for growth. A brand can become an institution within the local community through a constant presence in stores and through social media and use this to drive sales and revenue.

Sponsorships, volunteering and community presence help franchise owners invest in the community that supports their businesses. It shows a dedication to new and returning customers and can form lasting relationships in person and online.

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