Are Sustainability-Focused Businesses Profitable?

In 2021, anyone looking to open a new business has many options to consider.

Two years ago, the economic landscape looked entirely different from today; the world has been forever changed by a global pandemic and mounting climate change. Since well before then, however, sustainability in business has been a growing concern.

There’s a misconception that keeping your business “green” is a costly, uphill battle meant only for the most impassioned activist-minded entrepreneurs. The narrative we often see is one of the investor who is willing to sacrifice it all for a worthy cause, but it turns out that isn’t the case. In fact, going sustainable may prove to be the best way to assure your business’s long-term success – as well as the planet’s.

Throughout Multiple Recessions, Our Resale Franchise Remains Buoyant

As the world returns to normalcy and in-person events start up, again, customers will be on the lookout for affordable options. Many customers in the retail market are increasingly aware of fast fashion’s impact on the planet, and that mindfulness hasn’t subsided throughout the pandemic. In turn, sustainable and resale franchises have flourished.

Winmark®’s five resale franchises Plato’s Closet®, Play It Again Sports®, Style Encore®, Music Go Round® and Once Upon A Child® have been around for decades and have thrived during some of the most turbulent economic turns in North America. The resale industry has proven its ability to grow when other industries have not.

Our brands serve a dual purpose: franchisees can be involved in a cutting-edge, expanding industry and provide affordable, high-quality products to a massive customer base. This customer base has continued to increase even during an economic downturn in other retail spaces.

If You Invest in Products With a Past, You’ll Ensure a Brighter Future for Everyone

Being awarded a resale franchise with Winmark means that you’re part of the vanguard of investors helping the environment. We couldn’t have become Winmark – the Resale Company™ without partnering with entrepreneurs who shared our goal of bringing sustainability to everyone.

Going sustainable may be the only way to ensure your business’s long-term success. A 2018 study by Merill Lynch found that partnering with a company like Winmark, with a stellar Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) record, produces significantly higher three-year returns and makes going out of business much less likely.

Investing in a franchise opportunity with Winmark, a company focused on sustainability, you’re not only keeping air fresh from fast fashion’s fumes but also aligning yourself with a strong partner with a record of success who’s focused on your success.

A Unique Retail Model Among Countless Sustainable Businesses

Since 1988, Winmark has been leading the sustainable franchise space and today has over 1,250 locations open across the country. When we award entrepreneurs with a franchise, they can take advantage of an incredible opportunity to carve out a new future for their businesses, all while being a part of a franchise that helped establish sustainable businesses early on.

Our model allows us to sustain the environment and cultivate millions of loyal customers across the US and Canada. When customers show up at any location with items to sell to us, they receive cash on the spot in exchange. Many turn around and shop with us right then and there. They have a large selection of quality used items available at affordable prices at their fingertips. This is an option many customers take, which is why so many of our customers stay loyal to our brands.

Winmark is Here to Stay

We’re happy to have been in business for the past 30 years and have become increasingly profitable since we opened the first Play it Again Sports in 1988. We attribute our success to the fact that businesses focused on sustainability are intrinsically forward-thinking, and we’ve remained adaptable throughout the years.

We’re always looking toward the future of business rather than looking back on convention. Even as we tread new territory, know that our franchisee support system is second to none. We’re taking the journey together.

Looking for a franchise that’s actively helping the planet’s future, as well as your own? Contact us today to learn more about franchising with Winmark – the Resale Company™.

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