How Becoming a Resale Franchisee Can Impact Your Local Community

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With over 30 years of franchising experience, 1,250 locations and 900 franchisees, our mission is to provide resale for everyone. We also guide entrepreneurs in building successful franchises that transform communities. 

Plato's Closet®, Music Go Round®, Once Upon A Child®, Style Encore® and Play It Again Sports® are our five franchises that provide consumers with quality used high-value apparel and products, allowing us to remain inexpensive, accessible and sustainable. The theme of sustainability runs through all five businesses, which appeals to most Americans.

Providing individuals with affordable prices on everything from clothes to musical instruments is our way of positively impacting the community.

Because we're a recession-resistant business that can benefit everyone in the community, our franchisees are passionate about investing in our brands.

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Providing Affordable Goods for Everyone

Every person should have access to quality and affordable items; at Winmark – the Resale Company®, our franchisees make that possible. Our resale franchises give communities access to everything they need by making items more cost-effective for consumers by offering anything from baby clothes to sports equipment up to 60-90% off the regular retail price. 

Being able to shop for bigger brand-name items at lower prices is beneficial to individuals in a community. Families can save money, select from a wide range of items and keep large amounts of clothing, furniture, toys, music gear and more out of landfills — which contributes to our sustainability mission. Sustainability and resale are massive trends within the franchising world right now, that’s why Winmark is the best investment. 

Additionally, a major part of positively impacting the community and saving the environment is properly disposing of pre-owned items. 

Creating an Eco-Friendly Community

The fashion industry is known as one of the most wasteful sectors, but we take sustainability seriously.

Shopping at resale stores not only saves consumers money but also saves the environment.

A plethora of clothes and other items are thrown away simply because they are no longer wanted. Throwing away goods that can easily be reused or recycled can cause an overflow of waste in landfills.

When people sell their unused clothes or items to a resale store, they’re helping the community by extending the life of the items, making commonly high-cost products more accessible to all members of their community, and contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment. 

Investing in an eco-friendly franchise is a smart investment for any potential franchise owner because taking care of the environment will never go out of style. Investors are always searching for smart investments in the retail industry that are sustainable and profitable. 

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Encouraging Community Growth

Resale franchises promote community growth by offering job opportunities to community members. Our brands provide an employment opportunity for the community like no other. We provide opportunities for those looking to truly make a difference in their community by giving people the opportunity to recycle their items, receive cash for them and others can purchase for a value price. Employees working at one of our brands can feel like they are truly a part of making a difference not only in the community but in the lives of others.  

By becoming a franchise owner, you’ll be helping consumers by giving them access to affordable items, providing job opportunities, and giving community members a chance to earn money by selling items for cash on the spot. You’d also be jumping into a sustainability-focused business and fulfilling your dream of owning your business.  

Are you passionate about helping others and looking to open an impactful business in your community? Contact us today to learn more about Winmark franchise opportunities. 


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