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4 Advantages of Owning a Small Business

As countless articles can attest, small-business ownership can be a hugely satisfying endeavor both personally and professionally. At the same time, there are numerous advantages to being a small-business owner that may help motivate those who are still deciding to move forward to achieve their goals—and they can serve as a reminder for those who have already taken the leap into business ownership. Franchisees within the network of Winmark® brands know the benefits of owning a small business first hand:

  • You Have More Flexibility

The first months of operating your franchise is very important to the lifelong success of your business. Accordingly, you’ll need to invest significant time and effort in making sure you stay on track. Eventually you will have more flexibility in your day to day life after your business has taken off. Whether you want to spend more with your family or you have recently retired, owning a franchise provides you with a satisfying middle ground between work and pleasure.

  • You Have More Control

You get the final say as a business owner. While there are people that have an impact on your ultimate decision, you are the one who puts the ideas into action. Many people believe the common misconception that franchisees have limited control over their business. Find a franchise that has an operating system you feel comfortable with by doing your homework. Simply take the franchisor’s knowledge of the industry and systems, apply it and run a successful business of your very own.

  • You Can Make More Money

Franchisors provide franchisees with the proper steps to generate revenue as a business owner compared to opening a mom-and-pop business with no guidance. Franchisees receive continual support and training so their business has a better chance of bringing in money. After training, franchisees have unlimited earning potential. At Winmark, we step in when we can because we understand everyone doesn’t have the knowledge to effectively run a business.

  • You Have the Opportunity to Help Others

Becoming a small-business owner allows you to have purposeful line of work. At Winmark, our franchisees have made impacts in their surrounding communities. In fact, we encourage our franchisees to give back. You have many opportunities to give back to your community with the Winmark brand by involving yourself in fundraisers or donations.

Winmark can help you live the life of a small-business owner with more information regarding our franchise program. Visit our website or give us a call at (866) 595-0053 to get started!