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The Benefits of Owning Your Own Resale Franchise

Taking the leap to start your own business can be intimidating. But, most people find that the pay-off in the end was well worth any fleeting discomfort at the onset.

The $17 billion resale industry has experienced tremendous year-over-year growth, and it is expected to continue increasing in years to come.

Here are some advantages to opening up your own resale franchise:

Reap the Benefits of Unlimited Earning Potential

As a mom-and-pop business, carving out your niche within a $17 billion industry is very challenging. Not only do industry newcomers lack guidance and industry expertise, but it can take months – or even years – to gain the brand recognition and awareness of established resale brands.

Within a resale franchise system, however, you’ll have the proper processes and tools to generate revenue, while receiving continual support to maximize profitability. With the added benefit of training, you’ll have unlimited earning potential and can enjoy all the benefits of running a business with an established brand. 


Enjoy the Autonomy of Entrepreneurship

Many entrepreneurs decide to open up their own business because they want to build something for themselves. You have the autonomy and control to make important decisions in how your business is run, while pursuing your passion every day. Everything from the people you hire to the type of work environment you foster will be entirely up to you, which is incredibly gratifying and empowering.

Not only will you have flexibility in the business decisions you make on a daily basis, but you’ll also have more freedom in your schedule than you would working for someone else. Some store owners prefer to be in their stores every day. However, once you’ve hired a self-sufficient, reliable staff, it’s much easier to take a slightly more hands-off approach, which will free up your time for family, hobbies and other passions.

Become a Cornerstone of the Community

Local business owners and their stores often play an integral role in the communities where they live and work. By being in the store regularly, business owners meet many different members of the community, become familiar their customers personally and provide superior service.

In addition to interacting with community members on a regular basis, local business owners have great opportunities to use their business to give back to the community through fundraisers or donations. Volunteering and aligning your business with philanthropic work can do wonders for brand awareness. It can also nurture customer loyalty by getting your name out and letting people know you’re invested in their community.


Some businesses – like resale stores – in and of themselves help the community by offering goods and clothing at affordable and reasonable prices. Being involved in the community and having a greater purpose makes coming to work every day more meaningful and exciting.

From building something for yourself to getting involved in the community and charity work, owning your own business can be a very fulfilling endeavor. Taking the first step to open up your own business can be less intimidating with a franchise model – such as Plato’s Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Style Encore®, Play It Again Sports® and Music Go Round® – since you’ll be backed by a franchisor with years of experience and expertise, proven systems and a framework for success. 

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