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The Music Resale Franchise that Turns a Passion into a Business Opportunity

Gary Wagner had been playing piano and guitar in local bands since high school but pursued his interests in business and engineering before making the choice to open a Music Go Round® in Toledo, Ohio.

Meanwhile, Corwin Holk found the perfect cross-section of his love for music and strong business background, having worked at agribusiness Cargill for more than 18 years, when he opened his music resale franchise in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

What do these Music Go Round owners have in common?


They were drawn to a brand that gives business owners the opportunity to pursue their passion for music by meeting other musicians and music enthusiasts and building an engaged community. At the same time, they were able to rely on business acumen they acquired and developed through decades of professional experience that has helped them succeed as franchise owners.

A Resale Franchise that Provides the Gift of Music

Music Go Round stands out as a franchise concept. There are truly no direct competitors that provide the same in-store experience, allowing customers to buy and sell quality new and used musical instruments and gear, as well as enable franchise owners to generate revenue through online sales.

In addition, as a local member of the business community, Music Go Round franchisees are able to make lifelong connections and build relationships.

“Music has always been an important part of our lives,” Wagner said. “Providing a source of high-quality used and new musical instruments in our community, as well as being able to actively promote the benefits of music were our primary motivators.”


Wagner’s wife Deborah, who co-owns their Music Go Round, has a background in business as well, and the pair has been active in community organizations, including Sylvania Schools, Taoist Tai Chi Society and the University of Toledo Engineering Alumni Association.

The husband-and-wife duo have set up practice spaces in their store for music teachers to hold lessons, as well as a studio for local musicians to record.

Where a Love of Music and Business Meet

In 2015, Holk opened the doors to his Music Go Round franchise location after years looking for the right opportunity that would enable him to combine his love of music, music education and gear with a background in finance and accounting.

Holk spent nearly two decades at Cargill, where he was able to develop expertise in a variety of roles and functions, including financial performance analysis, business modeling, operational execution, process efficiency and leadership. He managed international teams of more than 70 people, working on the design launch and management of new business initiatives.


At the same time, Holk had taken an active role in his church, dedicating himself to the intersection of faith and music. And with Music Go Round, he’s able to leverage his strong business acumen with a resale franchise concept that fulfills his passion for music and community.

"We are committed to supporting the Minnetonka music community and are excited to become the ultimate used gear resource for musicians, whether they're professionals or beginners,” Holk said. “Our store has options for all."

In an era of faceless online shopping and trading – and sometimes questionable quality of instruments and gear – Holk emphasized the fact that he and his staff are members of the community who are committed to helping musicians and music lovers find the products they want at a better price point than traditional music retailers.

He’s also dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for customers. Shopping for musical equipment and gear should be a tactile experience, so Holk encourages patrons to take their time to sit down and try out the gear.

“Our store is a comfortable place where musicians can feel at home,” Holk said.

Are you ready to turn your love for music into a viable business? Find out more about the Music Go Round franchise opportunity and download our free franchise report.