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The Importance of Customer Service for Buyers and Sellers

Standing out with unbeatable prices in a crowded marketplace is one of the main differentiators bringing customers to our stores, but that’s not to say that customer service shouldn’t remain a top priority.

Even though our products are affordable, top-tier customer service is especially important for Winmark franchisees. Within our unique business model, franchisees should provide the same top-quality customer service for sellers as they do buyers.

Winmark’s Unique Approach to Drive Sales

In fact, within our two-tiered business model, our unique value proposition of paying cash on the spot for gently used items is one of our main revenue drivers. The majority of our sellers become buyers, not only because of the quality of the product they see in our stores but also because of the friendly and helpful service they receive from our employees.

And with nearly 9 in 10 consumers saying they’ll likely repurchase from a brand with excellent customer service, the quality of the selling experience is just as important for conversion as the promise of cash on the spot.


Creating a Top-Notch Buyer/Seller Experience

Our exceptional training and support systems allow franchisees to focus all their efforts on creating a superior customer experience. With our inventory management assistance, proprietary online reporting software and store retail operations support, we take the guesswork out of running the day-to-day operations in each store. This frees up franchisee and employee time, so they can dedicate more hours to engaging with everyone who comes through their doors – whether they’re a current buyer or seller.

There’s no substitution for knowledgeable, human service, which is also the main motivator driving consumers’ visits to brick-and-mortar locations over ordering through e-commerce sites.


What Makes Us Different

Winmark franchisees not only provide top-tier customer service for buyers, but they also show the same high-quality service to sellers. Within our unique business model, franchisees are given more opportunities for one-on-one interactions with guests, and they should capitalize on these opportunities to keep guests coming back. Whether they’re buying or selling, a great in-store experience is crucial for visitors, and by providing these second-to-none, friendly experiences, Winmark franchisees are able to set their stores apart from the competition.

This has helped us cultivate substantial brand loyalty among consumers, while also ensuring each Winmark brand location has a high volume of buyers and sellers. Not only does this guarantee a fresh and consistent stream of product and inventory, but it also encourages a good amount of foot traffic that’s central to generating strong customer returns.

To learn more about pursuing your passion and becoming a business owner with one of Winmark’s franchise brands, check out our website here.