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Why Style Encore is a Top Franchise for Women

Franchising has long served as an attractive avenue toward entrepreneurship for all demographics, and now more than one-third of all franchises are owned or co-owned by women.

Still, certain franchise brands are better than others when it comes to creating strong business and community-serving opportunities. Bridging the gap between style and professionalism while merging high-quality clothing and affordability, high-end resale stores like Style Encore® serve women in communities across the country.

In addition to serving a vast community need, the concept is also an equally appealing business opportunity for women. In fact, 90 percent of Style Encore franchises are owned or co-owned by women – a unique differentiator in the industry, even as more women continue to pursue various franchise opportunities.

Here’s more about why Style Encore is a top franchise for women.

Pursuing Purpose and Profit in Entrepreneurship

Style Encore franchisees experience consistent demand from working women looking to dress professionally on a budget, making for a franchise opportunity that is just as in-demand as it is fulfilling for owners.

For instance, North Carolina-based Style Encore franchisee Shannon Kemp works very closely with her customers to help them find exactly what they are looking for. She has a very strong customer base, and she largely attributes her customer loyalty to her ability to make connections with the women who come into her store.

group of women standing next to each other

Whether a customer is seeking an outfit for a special event or an entirely updated professional wardrobe for a new job, she works with them to find pieces that are a perfect fit for them. Shannon is also known for helping women find new clothes – and often, newfound confidence – when helping them pick out new clothes after a weight-loss journey.

In many ways, Shannon sees herself and her employees as the customer, helping her keep the customer experience at the forefront of her business strategy. As a resale business, this not only helps facilitate transactions and create customer loyalty within her community, but it also helps boost her inventory when customers return with their own items to resell.

Beyond helping the community, many Style Encore franchisees have also appreciated its strength as a profitable business opportunity. For instance, Kristi and Glenn Paul have built two successful businesses and were even honored for their Style Encore location being a million-dollar store last year.

clothing rack

They took the leap to become their own bosses 10 years ago. Since opening their first women’s resale franchise, the husband-and-wife team left corporate America, built a future for their family and achieved personal and professional fulfillment.

A Lasting Legacy Investment

Other times, business owners break into a certain industry or invest in a particular brand because of its staying power and strong potential as a legacy investment. This was the case for Style Encore franchisee Stephanie Longshore, who opened the resale franchise in a neighboring town near her home in Willingstown, Vermont.

She opened the store with the help of her two daughters and sister, making business ownership a family affair. Her primary reason for opening the franchise was because she saw it as a strong legacy investment, and she wanted to align herself with a business that she could pass on to her daughters.

clothing racks and mannequins

“I think a lot of original store owners are now passing the business on to their children, and the stores are moving on to second-generation ownership,” Stephanie said. “Now that I’m approaching retirement, I’m excited to see how my daughters will take over ownership and continue to grow the business that I’ve enjoyed for years.”

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