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How a Music Store Franchise Can Improve Your Community

There are many documented studies of the positive impacts of playing a musical instrument, from improving cognitive abilities, reducing stress, increasing your sense of achievement and many others.

Music Go Round® franchisees can have a significant impact on improving the lives of people in their communities by giving them access to affordable, quality used instruments.

Here are the ways opening a music store franchise can improve your community:

Your Community Becomes Brighter

The intelligence level of your community has the very real possibility of rising with more people learning to play musical instruments. Whether children or adults, individuals who take up a musical instrument experience academic success. Memory and abstract reasoning skills, which are necessary for learning math and science, tend to improve when a person learns to play an instrument.

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You Get to Know Your Neighbors

The old saying “Birds of a feather flock together” applies to musicians in their communities; it’s how most bands form. Musicians tend to network in order to find others to play with. Relationships develop between different kinds of people who are unified by creating and playing music together. Leadership and team-building skills improve too.

You Provide a Way to Reduce Stress

Playing slow classical music on an instrument has a calming effect on musicians. But, playing music from any genre on an instrument can still serve as a stress-reducer. Playing an instrument lowers both heart rate and blood pressure, both of which increase during times of stress.

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You Help Build Confidence

Because playing an instrument is a form of self-expression, musicians are often confident members of society. The more an individual masters their instrument, the more they want to perform in front of people. It’s easy to track the confidence of kids who take up an instrument. In school, being able to keep up with fellow musicians in a school band is a huge confidence boost. That confidence grows when they begin performing in front of people, starting with their classmates and parents and advancing to larger concert audiences beyond the school walls.

You Promote Time Management, Commitment and Patience

Unless you’re a prodigy, learning to play an instrument requires a lot of time and patience. Budding musicians must learn how their instrument works and how to tune it, receive lessons and practice regularly before they become proficient. This requires setting aside a certain amount of time every day and committing to it. Because becoming skilled at a musical instrument does not happen overnight, patience is necessary.

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You Foster Creativity

Musicians are creative; it’s why they write music and songs. But their creativity also comes through when they perform another musician’s music. While a composer annotates their musical composition, the musicians who perform it usually, and often unwittingly, put their own creative spin on it.

Music Go Round is an Instrument for Improving Communities

These positive effects can reverberate beyond the individual musician and through communities. In order for that to happen though, there must be a retailer that sells affordable musical instruments in your community.

Perhaps the most quantifiable way to measure the impact of having affordable instruments available is observing the impact of restricting access to them in school communities across the United States. Art education, which includes music programs, is typically cut from curriculums when schools run into budget troubles, as it’s often the school that provides students with their instruments.

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When music programs are cut and access to instruments is taken away, the outcry from parents and educators is loud because they understand the value of playing a musical instrument. These events also put in motion charitable efforts to save the music programs. Most notable is Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, a national non-profit organization formed to keep music education going in schools by donating instruments and support services.

Your franchise for musicians can help put affordable, quality used instruments in the hands of young students as well as adults who want to learn how to play. When you open a Music Go Round, you also promote intelligence, social connections and creativity in your community. Opening a Music Go Round franchise can also help build confident and patient members of the community.

Are you interested in a music franchise opportunity that benefits your community? Contact us today!