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Women Franchise Partners at Style Encore Pay Forward Their Success

Style Encore is Winmark’s newest brand, and it satisfies a crucial niche of consumers: Millennial and Gen Z professional women. A significant factor in Style Encore’s success is our franchise owners, many of who can empathize with their customer base. 

In other words, women entrepreneurs are drawn to franchising at Style Encore franchises due to their insight into this growing consumer base and how to mesh professionalism and personality into fashion. Style Encore’s success was built in collaboration with our brilliant women franchise partners.  

women owning a clothing store

Entrepreneurship is the ideal career move for women in business

Franchising is an attractive avenue for success for entrepreneurs of all walks of life, but it’s an increasingly appealing option for women in particular; more than 30 percent of all franchises are owned or co-owned by women. Style Encore is unique from other retail franchises in the market since 90% of Style Encore’s franchises are owned by women

The great resignation is an ongoing concern for some businesses, while for Style Encore it’s an opportunity; there’s a burgeoning population of women on the search for high-quality but affordable clothing options that will suit their professional needs. Women who are Style Encore franchise partners can cater to professional women looking for clothing to match their new career aspirations.

Style Encore is for Professional Women Who Want to Make a Difference

Many women are familiar with how frequently clothing retailers focus on teens and kids over adult women. Tailoring Style Encore’s clothing options to professional women has sealed its success.  

Style Encore franchisees have a constant stream of customers year-round, year after year, despite the recent resignation trend. Style Encore franchisees are met with high demand in their communities and will find that their investment makes not only a savvy business move but also a way to pay forward their success to other women.   

Style Encore’s franchisees are part of a growing portion of women business owners who generate more than $1.4 trillion in sales and employ approximately 8 million people nationally. However, Style Encore’s focus on women doesn’t mean that franchisees only satisfy a specific foothold; according to a recent report, women influence 85% of consumer spending. That’s a demographic any wise business owner would zero in on.

Style Encore franchise partners stand to make a real difference in their communities with numbers like that. With so few other options, many of our franchisees have spoken about how fulfilling it is to open their location and see how greatly their business is appreciated.  

Style Encore Franchises Make a Difference for Women in Their Communities

We’re proud of the women who have made a place at Winmark and made Style Encore the success it is today. Style Encore will continue to grow alongside successful women entrepreneurs. 

Join the many women who have found business success and a means of giving back with Style Encore. Contact us today to learn more about how you can open your own Style Encore franchise.