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How Play It Again Sports Helps Communities Stay Healthy

At Play It Again Sports®, people are at the heart of all we do. By offering gently used and new gear at affordable prices, our franchisees make quality sports equipment more accessible for all families. In addition to accessibility, resale also has a positive impact on the environment; we are proud to play an integral role in keeping communities healthy and active.

Woman in a sports store

A Sports Resale Franchise on A Mission

When Play It Again Sports was founded in 1983, we set off on a mission to create opportunities for athletes of all ages and backgrounds. After almost 40 years in business, our franchisees are still changing lives across North America - all while capitalizing on the $65.6 billion sporting goods market.

Our nearly 300 locations, paired with our e-commerce platform offering over 110,000 items to choose from online, mean that more people are able to find the gear that’s right for them or trade in their current equipment for something new each season. Our diverse product line also offers a “one-stop shop” to those who participate in various sports throughout the year, families with growing kids and those with multiple kids enrolled in different sports programs.

A Team of Passionate Experts

At Play It Again Sports, all franchisees and employees share a passion for fitness. This not only helps them relate to customers, but it allows them to offer true expertise that many competitors in the sports retail sector are lacking.

Customers can walk into any Play It Again Sports store and know that they have a team they can count on to find the right products and the right fit for them. This is also helpful for those looking to explore new hobbies or learn more about the different types of equipment available for their sport(s).

One of the most rewarding parts of being a Play It Again Sports franchisee is helping others - especially kids - discover their passion and watching it develop throughout the years. One day, you could sell a kid their first soccer uniform. Years later, you could be watching them take their team to state or even play for the big leagues on television.

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Bringing People Together

Because physical activity is a key component of overall health, the equipment needed to participate in those activities will always be in demand. Even during the pandemic, people everywhere were eager to get some fresh air, be active or set up home gyms. Many also turned to solo physical activities, like biking and rollerblading, for recreation.

Many Play It Again Sports franchisees get involved in community events and fundraisers or connect with local sports enthusiasts on social media. Some have even partnered with schools, park districts and other local organizations to sponsor sports teams, spread the word about their resale location and distribute equipment to families in need.

“I love interacting with the kids… I want (customers) to know that we’re a local, neighborhood sporting goods store and that we’re there for them. [I want them to know that] the money stays in the community and we support them back,” said Indiana-based franchisee Glen Millikan.

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity where you can help your community stay healthy and active? If so, contact us today to learn about opening a Play It Again Sports in your area.